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Handcrafted~Wildcrafted~Organic~Naturally Occuring ingredients in everyday herbal products

that work & feel amazing.

After a long history of success with family, friends and furry ones, it felt as though we were keeping these miraculous healers to ourselves. It was obvious these formulas had to be shared with everyone

and Sister Root Medicinals was born. 

"These are the crème de la crème of our private herbal apothecary."

  Many products in our line can gracefully replace daily products that are riddled with toxic ingredients.
A daily routine can make the biggest impact to the health of ourselves and the planet.

"The formulas in our line are what we use most often, or remedies we would never leave home without."


We strive to connect people to the earth and sky through pure plant medicine

made with lunar rhythms, and reaping the benefits of clean,

and incredibly effective formulas that nurture you & your loved ones and  

protect our Mother Earth and Sister Roots 

Lunar Emphasis

The Moon's gravitaitonal pull dictates 97% of the earths water.

 On land, it has been shown to effect planting, harvesting, and preparation of plants. 

We strive to prepare all our herbs and formulas synced with

lunar rhythyms for the most potent product possible.


Each bottle is labeled with the month, year, and the Moon's sign & phase when the

product was prepared and/or bottled.


 )-(   7'16 

II  9'16 

i.e. New Moon in Pisces to Full Moon in Gemini July-Sept. of 2016 

Urtica dioica (Stinging Nettle)  at sunsrise in our garden - One of my all time favorites ~ ali 

Our Ethics



~ Grown organically or ethically wildcrafted by the herbalist/owner/founder - Ali Fuller Matz
~ Certified Organic or wildcrafted from high quality herb farmers & suppliers.

~ Certified organic gluten-free pure cane alcohol is used in our herbal extracts.

~ No GMO's ever!
~ Naturally Occuring minerals such as Bentonite Clay, Diotomacious Earth & Zinc Oxide. 
~ Our Zinc Oxide is never nano-particled!!!
~ We source locally as much as possible, especially for our Beeswax!
~ Ingredients anyone can pronounce.


~ We use labels that are made out of 100% consumer waste that can be recycled again.

~ Locally we apply credit for returned containers on products of the same size.

~ We use glass containers for almost all of our products in efforts to reduce plastic.
~ Re-use your wonderful glass jars again and again!

~ We recycle shipping materials to package and ship out your products to reduce waste.


*The statements on this site have not been evaluated  by the FDA & are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease.

The Herbalist

Ali realized her connection with plants at the age of 16 after a terrible car accident. During her recovery she was completing her Americorps scholarship program and spent hours & hours hand weeding at Moab's beautiful 'Youth Garden Project'.  

It was during this intimate time with the soil & the towering plants of summer that she truly felt the

healing plants yearn to provide for us.

 She furthered her knowledge of plant medicine & the human body through local mentorships,becoming a licensed massage therapist in 2006 & attending the Dandelion Herb Center in 2008.




   Ali spends her days with her husband in Castle Valley (a gem hidden in the Moab, Utah desert) working their land & gardens, tending their sheep,

milking local goats, playing, hiking & climbing with their dog Stella 

in the red rocks, the mountains & the Colorado river.

Her vision is to share plant medicine and pure, clean daily herbal products with as many people as possible to...


Arrow (Ali's dog) showed up on her doorstep when she was 19 and was possibly her greatest teacher in love, responsibility and the art of healing.  Arrow lived a long full wonderful life but was diagnosed with an aggressive fungul disease, "Valley Fever" at the age of 2. Arrow was nurtured with herbal supplements for the rest of his life and the vets were always amazed how he faired through his life long disease. Through the course of his life he had been stung by scorpians, gored by Havolina, beat by a dog, close to death, decended rappels, and had countless other mishaps most dogs normally go through.   Ali discovered profound healing with products she formulated  with many of these experiences, but some occured before her knowledge had grown.

She knew, if she had the tools earlier she could of healed her beloved pet in desperate times when she

could not afford an after hours emergency vet bill. The ability and confidence to heal the ones we love is possibly the greatest gift one could share. So, after years of relying on her formulas she created for her family, pets and friends, she felt she had to share her herbal remedies with everyone.  


...nurture You & Your Loved Ones & our Mother Earth & Sister Roots.

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